The Best Sound Machines — The Best List

February 12, 2019 Nicole Lund

Loud neighbors, city noises, snoring partners — sleep is precious, and all of these things can disrupt it. Some of you may be deep sleepers who regularly sleep through alarms, while the rest of us are jolted awake by alarm clocks going off in other rooms (and apartments—looking at you, upstairs neighbor). One solution is a sound machine that will mask unwanted, annoying noises with gentle nature sounds or white noise.

These are great for apartment and city living, but also for infants who can't stay asleep, people who need help focusing at work, night shift workers who need to sleep while everyone else is awake, and even tinnitus sufferers who need relief from the ringing in their ears. Whether you're looking to spend a little or splurge, here are ten of our favorite options on the market.


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