The Story of How the Magical 'Museum of Ice Cream' Came to Life

April 6, 2018

Anyone who's scrolled through Instagram in the past year or so might have spotted someone knees-deep in a pool full of sprinkles. If you've thought "what on earth is this magical land where you can swim in millions of rainbow Jimmies?," here's the answer: the Museum of Ice Cream. It's part-playground, part-"museum," and 100% FOMO inducing.

Since launching in New York the summer of 2016 (and now open in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami), excitement and wonder for the artful installation has yet to die down. In fact, it's still regularly sold out in some locations. To learn what all the hype was about, we visited the Museum of Ice Cream Miami, and left not only with a belly full of ice cream (yes, you get served sweet frozen treats at every turn—lactose intolerants, beware!), but also with a reawakening of a long-dormant sense of childlike wonder. It felt something like what the lucky golden-ticket wielding kids must have experienced at the Willy Wonka Factory (except without all the horrible things that happened to wean out the bad apples).

Room after eye-popping room, you experience an electric explosion of color, art, and pure joie de vivre from the installations and MoIC staff (a giant smile must be part of their uniform requirements because there isn't a single serious face working in the building). It's truly an experience to be had IRL.

After our visit, we caught up with Maryellis Bunn, the creator and designer of the Museum of Ice Cream, to hear more about the birth of what seems like one of Instagram's most popular check-in locations, why she thinks it's been such a hit, and, of course, her favorite ice cream flavor.


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