A Cozy 264-Square-Foot Backyard Tiny House — House Tour

May 7, 2018

Name: Jaclyn and Jeff King
Location: Dallas, Texas
Size: 264 square feet

Jaclyn's earliest memories of design and appreciation for all things eclectic began with her grandmother and memories of tagging along with her to antique shops and trade shows where she and her aunt worked as vendors under the name "Two Dumb Dames." Even at 80, her grandmother's sense of style reflected her personality—bold, beautiful, and an uncompromising flair for independence. Her propensity toward design, originality and creating a warm home for her family certainly seemed to rub off on Jaclyn because she can't pass a flea market or eccentric estate sale without stopping in to discover what she didn't know she needed. Now, a few dozen years later, though Jaclyn doesn't have a "proper" design shop per se, she now finds herself helping friends, family, or clients renovate, restore and revive their spaces. Jaclyn considers herself obsessed with all things design and has spent way too many hours to admit, swooning over Instagram eye candy and Domino magazines. She is always drawn to a good "makeover" love story.


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